Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Here is a post on the pro's and cons of cork floors. I am still not sure what to put in our hallway. The Marble is very beautiful but fussy to care for. Not what you want with 5 kids, a dog and a mom that spills coffee! Terracotta is still on my list, but it isn't cheep! Cork is about 36€ per square meter, and good Terracotta is more like 44€. What's more, Cork can be insulted easily. It's something Juergen could do himself. We would need to pay someone to lay down the Terracotta (or any other tile). I like the warmth of cork, the naturally occurring patterns, and how it absorbs noise! It isn't water proof, so it's not the right thing for the boys room (I think). But carpet is also not waterproof...so maybe? It's not like we have a wet basement! It seems every flooring has it's own + and -'s. I think, "Oh this is good" then I find out no! So I'm trying to look at all the options, trying to make a good choice for us. And really it is based on how our family lives, and what is best for us. I don't want to stress my family out trying to keep a fine floor fine! We need to live in the house, so it needs to be user friendly! And I don't want to use up too much money either! There are too many other things to pay for.

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