Sunday, July 03, 2011

Another day to hope

Juergen took the kids to church today. In fact he taught Philip's class. As most of our friends know, we take turns staying home with our autistic daughter Jessica. Someone asked me last week if that bothered me. It has bothered me in the past. I sure love being in church with my husband. But something’s you just accept. I like being home with Jessica. I listen to the best teaching on God TV. Today I heard Joseph Prince teach on being a prisoner of hope. I am trying very hard to hope in God and not be so concerned about the circumstances. I recall a story in the Bible (I forget where...I think in Kings). There was an awful famine in the land. The people were desperately hungry. They even eat their own children. And Israel was being attacked. God said through a prophet that there would be plenty of food the next day, but the person who was doubting God would see it and not taste it. Sure enough Israel was delivered. The people had food. And the one who doubted God was trampled to death as the people rushed to collect the food. Not pretty! But the idea that things can change fast is very very encouraging! The housing market doesn't look great, but that can change over night. I hear in Stuttgart people are worried about the Euro, and are buying houses. That doesn't seem to be happening here...but we only need one buyer. Today 2 families will look at our house. But I'm not hoping in them. My hope has to remain in God. He is bigger then the housing market! If we sell our house today that would be wonderful! but my hope in the God that knows all that we need, when we need it. He knows who should live here. Who would be a blessing to the neighbors. I’m trying to be a prisoner of hope, not a prisoner of circumstances!

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