Thursday, July 21, 2011

The wait

The owners of our house didn't send in some paper work. So the whole process maybe longer? We think it will be OK and we will get the house August 1st. But I thought we might get the keys tomorrow. Right now that looks like it will not happen. I'll just have to wait the extra 10 days. In the mean time I find it hard to pack and clean our house. I have lost all hope we can sell the house. I know I should get outside and pull weeds. A big part of me says "what is the use"! But I need to kick myself...and keep trying! I have to be ready just in case someone actually does want to look at the house. We lowered the price and know one has called. Not one inquiry. It's 11,000 Euros cheaper and still no interest! That's disheartening! I guess we may need to rent it out. And that means learning about being a landlord. I didn't want to do that. And of course that's just one more thing to study, just when we are getting ready to move. I find it very easy to buy and renovate a house. You can control that process. But selling a house in a bad market...that's hard! Please pray for us. I am getting discouraged. What I need more then a buyer is faith in God. He controls everything. I need the faith that He has this small thing under his control. His will be done! I also need to be faithful with all the things I can do. I can pull weeds just in case someone does want to look at the house! Even if I lack faith, I should be faithful. I need to believe God will honor that.

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