Thursday, July 28, 2011

camp news

We wanted to get going early today. I gave my keys to Nicole so she could load all her camp stuff in the car. She got it all loaded, and everyone was ready to go. I closed the front door, and then found out Nicole had left my keys in the house. Nicole called Juergen and he came 15 minutes later to let us in the house!
Then we went to the paint sale. We bought 250 Euros worth of paint (saved 200 Euro). Then we dropped Nicole off at the Sola camp. It starts on Saturday but she is part of the staff. She will help them set things up for the next few days. I got a phone call from Philip's best friends mom. He and his brother and sister were going to the kids camp, but now they are going somewhere else. So we have 3 extra camping spots for kids Aug 7- 14. I'm going to ask them if Sarah can go. She is 6 months too young, but her brother and Big sister will be there. I'm sorry Philip's friends will not be going, but I'm glad they will go on vacation. If you know a kid ages 9-13 that wants to go to camp Aug 7-14 then let me know.

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