Saturday, July 09, 2011

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My friends daughter will be going to Kenya to work with kids. She is going with Campus Crusade for Christ. She goes for a year. What “got me” in this video are the children that are taken in by the other families. They have lost their parents. People who have nothing...adopting kids who have nothing. Why is it so easy for them to say yes, and so hard for us to say yes? We think our lives are stressful, and they walk for a month to find a safe place to live…just for food and clean water. We have more then enough. Juergen took Sarah to her new school today. She met her new teacher. It’s a 5 star school! All new everything. A great music program. They even have a dance teacher. I get overly stressed by cleaning my whole house. We show it 2 times tomorrow. Please pray we can sell it. I just am so tired from this weekly process! But I’m so humbled by this video. How could I survive what they survive? And yet they are generous enough to adopt.

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