Saturday, September 04, 2010

Sun at last

I'm having a much nicer day today. I spent a few hours with the kids in the garden. We needed to cut all the rotten grapes down. They were falling on the ground and making an awful mess. Sadly the rain ruined the whole crop. But my kiwi's still look good, and so do the figs. I guess I'll be making allot of jam next month. We pulled all the weeds, and swept the walk way. It looks great. The best part was the sunshine. The sky is finally blue, and I got 2 hours of sun. I really think I suffer from depression from a lack of sunshine. I need to look into buying some full spectrum lights. Nicole told me they think we will have a warm Fall. That will be so great! I would be so glad just for the good weather!
After the work, Juergen took Thomas, Philip, Sarah and Nicole to see the film "Cat's and Dog's 2". I took Jessica out to lunch. I guess the movie was good. I haven't heard any details yet. Jess was the perfect lady in the restaurant. She turns 19 on Wednesday. Thomas turns 13 tomorrow. Juergen is taking Thomas to Toys R us to pick out his gift. He has saved some money, we give him money, My parents sent money (it got here today...and the card was so thoughtful I cried), and his Opa also sends money. He should be able to buy some really good LEGO. Juergen leaves tomorrow morning after breakfast. He has a business trip to India. I'm glad Thomas got to go to the movie today, and will have LEGO tomorrow. I'll also make him his favorite lunch. He will have a nice birthday. The party with friends will come later, after school starts. I will be taking Jessica out again on her birthday. She loves to shop. I'm hoping to invite her teachers too. Juergen will buy her something special in India. She is so beautiful and all grown up.

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Shelley said...

Everyone is growing up so fast