Friday, September 24, 2010

no word

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I have not heard from the people selling the house. They said we should e-mail them. I did that, but still no word. I think I'll call today. I really like the house (allot)! But I know a half dozen other families also liked the house. The bottom line is we can not buy it until we sell our house. Why should they wait for us? They probably already got an offer from someone ready to buy it today. Maybe it's just not Gods will? It is a good thing to be content with what you already have! This weekend we will move the tomato's into the tomato house. The paint company will put the scaffolding up on Monday. If the weather is OK, they plan to paint our house next week. The balconies are in need of repair. This will be done too. I am sad. I would love to live in a big old house. But I am very grateful for all the good things I have. I am going to have to believe that this old house will only be mine if it is Gods will. Otherwise it's just too impossible!

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