Monday, September 13, 2010

the stress

Nicole has final exams next spring. Her first exam is in February, then there are 3 or 4 other exams in one week in March. I think there is one last exam in May. You can hear the stress in her voice, and it's written on her face. She is also pretty sober about all the stuff she can not manage this year. For example, where will she have time to do the 30 pieces of art required for a portfolio to get into art school? When can she fit in drivers education class? I think it's clear finishing high school one year early will come at a price. I think she just needs to go ahead and finish school well, and take a year off. In that year off she can do art for a portfolio, and take drivers education etc... But getting good grades on her final exams is pretty important now. She will finish a year ahead of her friends...and maybe it's better to go to University with them later! Nicole is very smart. She will manage it just fine. I think she will not try to do it all at once...after all what is the rush?

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Birgit said...

Hi Amy,
falls Nicole an einer deutschen Hochschule Kunst studieren möchte, ist ein Mappenkurs vielleicht sinnvoll. Wahrscheinlich kennt Ihr den schon, aber falls nicht, die Akademie Faber Castell bietet so was an.
Meine älteste Tochter macht auch nächstes Jahr Abitur. Sie ist genau so nervös....
Unsere Töchter werden das schon machen.
Liebe Grüße