Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my dad’s birthday. Happy birthday Dad, I love you. I talk allot about my dad to my kids lately. I told them last week that dad was born in a chicken coop (really). He didn’t have a easy start, he was poor. My adopted kids also began life poor. And he didn’t speak English as a first language either. His first language was Spanish. But he was the president of his high school French club (Thomas began learning French this week). French will be Thomas’ 4th language. Grandpa draws just like Nicole. My dad loves gardens like Philip (and me). He introduced my kids to The Iron Chef. They all like cooking. And when Jessica laughs so hard that she cry’s, I see my Dad. Dad, I hope you enjoy the movie I sent you. Have a great birthday. You are never out of our thoughts, we love you and miss you!

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Shelley said...

Well done Amy, Happy Birthday Dad