Thursday, September 30, 2010

let there be paint

The scaffolding is going up outside. They are going to repair our 3 balcony's and paint the outside of the house. I would love to have it painted a warm terracotta but it will be white. We live in a row house. All the other houses on the row are white. I think it would look funny if it was the only colored house on the row of 6 houses. We will have the bottom of the house painted blue. We are also going to get the very best paint (with lotus effect). We want the bright white paint to stay that way for a very long time!
Our house needed to be painted 7 years ago when we moved in but we decided to adopt Thomas and Sarah instead. International adoption is pretty expensive. I'm happy adoption didn't end all our plans, it only delayed them. But you make choices in life. I would choice my kids any day of the week! As my brother Rick always's just paint! So they will be busy painting for about 4 or 5 days. They do a base coat, and then a top coat. The balcony's are solid (I think). They have water damage. Some of the concrete is breaking off. So far it's just cosmetic. They will repair this damage. All our neighbors also had this work done recently. The house is 30 years old. It's normal maintenance. I'm surprised our dog Mickey isn't barking. He barked for about 10 minutes, then gave up. I guess he is getting old! He is sleeping now. I'm glad about that.

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Shelley said...

Where are the before and after pictures?