Thursday, September 23, 2010

I hope we can see it again

I sent an e-mail to the person selling the house. I wrote that we would like to see the house again (this time with Juergen). I also told them we would need to sell our house first before we can buy the house. I am sure they will get offers for the house. There are also people who have the cash in hand. So most likely they will not give us the house. So I guess if it's our house they will let us see it on Saturday. And if it's our house we will be able to sell our house in a good and timely manner for a good price. If the weather is good, our house will be painted next week. I like the old house allot.

I can imagine how nice it would look in fresh paint and art deco wallpaper! But most likely they will sell to someone who is able to pay for it today. We will need months to sell our house and buy their house. But God is in control, and if He wants us to have is ours!

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