Monday, September 20, 2010

birthday partys and soup

Today I went to a friend's birthday breakfast. It was nice to see many of my oldest friends. I feel like I never see anyone anymore because many of my friends have gone back to work. And why not? Their kids are older, they are happy to keep busy and do something useful! I of course have to stay at home. My kids (especially Jessica) are often sick. I think I could never manage a job. I need my mornings to keep up with my family (shopping, cooking, doing the to do list). I'm just glad we can make it on one income! I think one of the reasons I want a nicer house and bigger yard is because I'm home all the time. I really would love a bigger garden.
I got home from the party and made lunch. I made a really good pumpkin soup. It had ground beef, and loads of vegetables, cream and curry. I guess curry is very good for the brain. It's good that I love it. The kids loved it too. They all eat 2 big bowls of soup. One good thing about the cold weather is soup. Soup taste wonderful on a cold day! Sarah had her first real school day. She said she likes school. She talked mostly about the playground, but I'm glad she enjoyed it!

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