Tuesday, September 07, 2010

school supplies

When I buy school supplies I buy in bulk. People often look at the massive amounts of stuff in my cart and they ask if I'm a school teacher. Today we pulled out the backpacks and tossed out the old papers and folders. We shopped for all the stuff. I labled pencils and pens etc until my hands hurt. I have a head ache and I think I deserve an award. We also bought new sports shoes, and a Jacket for Thomas. Philip and Nicole cooked lunch. I think I'll take a hot bath.
School begins on Monday. I think Thomas will stay in his school for now. I can not reach the Christian school. Juergen doesn't think we should move him. Thomas wants to stay, and has felt very insecure at the idea of moving. I want to do a test day at the Christian school some time this semester. I want to keep the option open. Maybe we will move him next year?

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