Tuesday, September 21, 2010

20 years have gone by so fast

Juergen and I are thinking about what to do on our 20Th wedding anniversary Oct 6Th. I found out that the flower for the 20Th anniversary is the day lilly. Maybe I will plant one in the garden? It is also the China Anniversary. I already have nice China. I wouldn't mind a trip to China, but we can not find a babysitter for even one whole day. I guess none of that really matters to me. I've been to China, I have China. What's most important is I still love, and like Juergen. I am very happy to sign up for another 20 pulse years. We don't have to do anything grand...we just have to be together! What an amazing gift God gave me in Juergen! Life has been pretty great with him!

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