Friday, September 24, 2010

I called

I was afraid to call because I thought they would say it's sold. But I found my courage and picked up the phone. They have short office hours. If I didn't call, I would have gone into the weekend not knowing. So they told me they got the e-mail. They want to wait until the pastor is moved out before they show the house again. They know I can not buy a house my husband has not seen. I asked if there was great interest in the house. To my surprise only one other family was interested enough to get back to them. So I guess we are still in the game. Perhaps the other family also has a house to sell first, and that can become a non issue? I don't know when the pastor moves out. It may even be a few more months. I would actually be happy for the extra time to get my house in order. I'm not ready for this, but I could get ready.

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Shelley said...

exciting times. I would get your house ready so when and if something came up you would be ready.