Monday, September 27, 2010


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I went and bought 5 moving boxes at the building supply store. They also had a very large stack of empty boxes (good book boxes) for free. I took about 15 of those. I'm going to start packing away my clutter (nick knacks and family photos, board games etc). I'm also going to do some heavy cleaning. I don't know if I'll be given a chance to buy that old house? If the chance comes I want to be ready to show my house. I've got to do work in the garden, paint, clean wood work, and more. Even if we decide to stay in our house, it will make things more livable. The stair well needs to be re painted, so the pictures should come down anyway. It looks like the house painters will not begin until the end of the week. The weather does not look very good. Perhaps it may even take a few more weeks to get the house painted. That's OK, we have waited almost 7 years to do it. We have put off getting a new bathroom too. But we don't believe in doing jobs like this unless you have the cash to pay for them. This is why we only owe money for our home mortgage, and nothing else. I think it's good to stay out of debt. Maybe I'll be better off just being content with our house. It is almost paid for. Why should we add to our debt? I'm really torn about this. Maybe the answer is not another house, it's just less stuff! It would save me allot of money if we would stay put! But even if the clutter is gone, I think I would still love the space of the old house. The garden is much bigger, the kids could have their own bedrooms (Thomas and Philip share now), we could have an office(our office is in our bedroom)and we could have a guest room and a family room. We live just fine with out this extra space, but it would be so amazing to have the space. Interest rates are so low right now compaired to when we bought our house 7 years ago. It would make it very affordable to buy the bigger house. We also moved in this house with 3 little kids, and now we have 5 big kids. It just seems like we have out grown the space. True, Nicole will not be with us forever. In fact, in another 7 years we will only have 4 people living here. Oh I just don't know!

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Shelley said...

That's a good idea to be ready just in case. If this one doesn't work out there is something better for you out there in the US.
Love, Shelley