Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The house

I get to go look at the old house that's for sale today. Juergen has to work. He is teaching a seminar. I tried to get a new appointment, but the people are in the process of moving. They don't have the time to show it every day. So if I really like it, and know one else buys it first,Juergen will get to see it later. I'll bring my camera. If they allow it, I'll take pictures. It looks like an amazing house, but I do not know how we can afford it. It would really need to be God's will. I am fine with my house, I do not need a mansion. But I of course love high ceilings, wood floors, fire places,stain glass windows, a big kitchen, and a large garden. But I will not get our family into a financially stressful situation. If we can not buy it because it is too expensive, that's that! But the interest rates on houses are almost 2% cheaper then when we bought our house. And this house could easily have a large rental apartment in the upper floors (it is very large). The rental apartments could help pay down the extra mortgage. Eventually a rental would give us extra income. It may even be a wise investment? I am not trying to talk myself into it, I just want to be wise.

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