Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yesterday Juergen and I met with the counselor of Thomas. He started to see a Christian family counselor last spring to help him deal with anger. Anyway, I'm writing about this for two reasons. First I want to encourage people to seek wise council when they need it. It is not unspiritual to get a better perspective when you need it! We found our counselor by asking our pastor for a recommendation. The second reason I write this is to tell you that she said Thomas does not need counseling anymore. He is better! We were very worried about him last spring. We don't worry anymore! He is SO MUCH BETTER!!! I want to thank God for giving Thomas peace. He was always a great kid, but now many people start to notice! Thomas was at a little hole in the wall restaurant Juergen takes the kids to buy Turkish Food. Even the owner of this place said to Juergen, "Thomas has changed. He is such a good boy now". I want to encourage people to get help if you need it, and also tell you that progress can be made in a very short time!

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