Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh my... was like a horor movie! I was cleaning up the dinning room. On the sideboard there was a box that holds nuts. I opened it up and shut it at once! I felt like screaming but instead I laughed. The box must have had 100 plus moths! Oh man!!!! I did not bother trying to clean the box, it went straight outside into the trash can. I'm still shaking and laughing!


Kecia said...

Now i am laughing,cause a similar thing happaned with me,with a box of chocolate cookies...Was bad... very bad... Bur yet...FUNNY!
God bless you!

Bill said...

Freeze nuts & organic stuff that's going to sit around for three days. then you'll be safe from the moths.
Heather BT

Karen of Scottsdale said...

LOL sounds like something that would happen in my house. I learned a long time ago to keep nuts in the refrigerator. Especially if they are roasted.