Monday, September 08, 2008

The Palin Style

Allot has already been made of the style of Sarah Palin. What kind of glasses does she wear? How did she wear her hair? What was she wearing? I never remember reading a single word about the style of Joe Biden. I do know that Italian designers have made cloths for Obama and many have looked at the style of Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama. Do you think those buttons at the RNC that read "Hottest VP from the coolest state" were an insult to women or just good fun? When do you draw a line between style obsession and substance? When does it start to under mind her intelligence? And when she plays the role of attack dog (this is the traditional role of a VP) are people going to call her a bitch? Joe Biden is the attack dog for Obama, and this is what is expected from him. Do we even know how to treat a woman that has power? I think women are Sarah Palins hardest critics. She was not the kind of women many wanted to break that glass ceiling. She is not a graduate from an Ivy League school. She is too pretty. How can a beautiful woman also have a brain? I guess we will just have to see how people finally perceive her. She has her first interview at the end of the week. Maybe the press obsesses with her style because they have not heard her express her views? People may not agree with her views but I hope she can express her views clearly. I understand she has strong convictions, and most people actually respect that. I remember a movie called “One True thing” with Meryl Streep and Renee Zellweger . In this film the daughter comes to value the worth of her mother who was just a house wife. It’s an amazing look at the value of a person that does not rely upon her awards and her degrees. What qualities make for a good VP? They need to be smart, but there are other qualities that make a good leader. I think it's hard to define...but maybe she has some of those other qualities. One thing is sure, people love her!

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