Tuesday, September 09, 2008

To value children and the ones that care for children

I was talking to a friend of mine this morning about a legal case here in Germany. A woman gave birth to a child (actually I think it was more then one child) then killed the baby(s) and put it (them) in the freezer. This isn't the first time this has happened here. It isn't an everyday thing, but you hear about allot of violence and neglect of children here. Most Germans have only one child. They also tend to look down on women that are "just mothers". Title and position are pretty important here. I do think this is starting to change, but it's still this way. Germany has a women Chancellor. Women hold many high positions of power. German women are not educated to think the can not achieve, they just don't value house wives.
When I first had Jessica and Nicole, we lived in Southern California. I was the only women in my neighborhood that did not work. I felt pretty "looked down on" too. Then Martha Stewart came along and elevated the "art" of homemaking. Then I saw women who actually felt jealous of me because I actually had the option of staying home. Most families can not make it on one income. We are not rich, but Juergen does make enough for us to live on. Germany never had a Martha Stewart. House wives are still being belittled here. I think about Sarah Palin. What effect will this mom of 5 have on America and the world if she does become a VP. I read an article yesterday that said she will be a real blessing to families that have disabled kids. Even if she does nothing politically for the disabled, the image of her holding her disabled son and loving him does so much. Society can see that disabled children are to be loved and valued. I feel the whole status of the "moms" of this world will also be raised if she is VP. Even if you don't agree with her on issues, just seeing a "mom" in such a high office promotes the status of women. I have to think how the status of moms might even lessen some of the violence of children? Maybe we need to raise the value of all people who educate and love children. Our Society sends out such mixed messages. Animals are to be protected and babies are to be aborted. We should save the whales, the neglected dogs, and the chimps. I actually love animals and I’m OK with protecting them. But I give my money and my life to children. I heard a TV ad recently where a famous singer asked people to give just $20 per month to help save and protect neglected animals. That sounds good…but $20 per month could feed a child. Why would I give my $20 to an agency that will care for a dog that has a 12 year life span instead of giving that money to a needy child? Yet many will do just that. We do not value mothers (or anyone who cares for children). We do not value children!!! I don’t think every mother needs to stay at home, but we do need more people to care for and love our children. It could be dads or grandparents, or other good childcare. We have to stop the idea of being “stuck with the kids”. Many moms (and dads) work. They need to work. We need to have good child care available for them. Do I think its best that one parent stay home with the kids? Yes I do, but often this just is not possible. Well, I could go on and on. Yes, I’m on a soap box! I just see the potential of raising the status of the mom as a wonderful hope!!!

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