Thursday, September 11, 2008

Two Russian bombers have landed at a Venezuelan airfield where they will carry out training flights for several days

That is pretty close to the USA. What are they doing...trying to start a new cold war? They are threatening Europe's oil and gas supplies, now threatening America. It's a clear message, stay out of our business. If we want to take over small former Soviet Countries then stay out of our way. At least that is my read on it. What do you think?

Up date: I have been thinking about the cold war. I grew up in those days when we had to do these drills in school. The fire alarm would go off, and we would dive under out desks (like that would really protect us from a bomb). I remember the arms race. I remember the cold war. I think it was no accident that Russia sent nuclear capable bomber aircraft to the western hemisphere on 9-11. How cruel and insensitive to threaten us on 9-11. I had to cry remembering the fear of growing up with the Soviet threat. What is Russia doing? Why are they doing this?

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Beverly said...

it is very very scary. it is def a threat to our national security!