Tuesday, September 02, 2008

a mother of 5, one with special needs

I'm a mother of 5 and one has special needs. I forget which child has the special needs because they keep taking turns having needs. One week its Jessica's autism, the next week its Philips learning problems, sometimes Nicole has her issues and then Thomas has his needs...or Sarah has her needs too. I was sort of shocked that people jumped all over Sarah Palins poor daughter these past two days. Does the international media find it such big news that a 17 year old got pregnant?I read that the New York Times had 3 stories on their front page mentioning the pregnancy. I think they should call it baby-gate. I can only guess it was because they were all so desperate to dig up anything on this unknown personality. I can only hope they move on to some real news. I have to admire anyone who raises 5 beautiful kids with special needs!!! Jessica turns 17 years old next week. 17 is still a child. How dare they attack a child like this!

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