Thursday, September 11, 2008

I love the political cartoons

I have to agree with what Obama said yesterday, this is getting silly! Maybe he did/or did not mean to call Palin a pig but "what has that got to do with the cost of rice in China"? Mccain would have been better off not making a political ad about it. He and Obama should get down to business and start talking some issues! In the mean time, I'm voting for the pig and the old fish! I feel sort of sorry for Joe Biden, no one talks about him and he even said Hillary would have made a better VP pick. We all know that Obama would have been better off with Hillary, did he say it so we would feel sorry for him? That VP debate is going to be one to watch! I'm sure they have people preparing Sarah Palin 24 hours a day. How in the world could Biden prepare for that debate? They were so sure it would be a walk in the park!

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

Obama did say Enough but then he keeps talking about it. He brought it up on Letterman.

I am looking forward to the debates.