Sunday, September 14, 2008

Energy Mom's

In the last election one of the groups that helped Bush win were the "security mom's". These were women that thought security was issue number one. This year the issue number one is not just the economy but more specifically energy. One of the key appeals of Palin is her understanding of energy. Sarah Palin appeals to a large number of moms who just want someone who can help them afford the gas they need to drive their kids to the soccer practice. One of Obama’s big problems is he is too complex. Hungry people worried about the cost of rice and cooking oil have brought down at least 5 governments this year. People don’t stress about the big stuff they don’t understand. You ask anyone in America what their big problem has been…the cost of gas will be at the top of most of their lists! I remember a saying my speech professor use to say when I was at the University, “Keep it simple stupid”. One thing that Biden and Obama can not do well is keep it simple!

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