Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11Th

Today is September 11Th. I remember that dark day the world seemed to stop. For me, It was followed by months of anxiety and fear. I was unable to sleep, I felt compelled to watch the news. I was waiting for some kind of peace and a new feeling of "normal”. I finally had to turn my TV off. It stayed off for two years. I'm sure the world has moved way past that day, and we are basically unaware of or even apathetic towards all those who have labored to give us this new feeling of security. Explosions have gone off in London and Madrid. Terrorists have been arrested in Germany and many other places. It is amazing to me how normal and safe I actually feel. I guess that is a good thing. You can not really live your life in fear. I do think we are a long way from being truly "safe". So much more needs to be done to build bridges of understanding and respect between cultures that are now enemy’s. There are a handful of moments the whole world shares. Generally we are all off experiencing life in a billion different ways. But on this one day we all experienced the sad feeling and vulnerability of that one terrible day.

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