Monday, September 15, 2008

Giving life

I like to watch God TV when I clean the living room. This morning I saw Rory Alec explain a program God TV runs in Africa. They give 10% of the money that comes into the ministry to projects that help the poor. One of the projects is water wells. They now have 9 drilling machines in Africa that are operating. They dig very deep wells that pump 50,000 liters of fresh water per hour. These pumps are solar operated. They enable local people to stay in their towns and villages during the dry season. 90 % of all sickness in Africa comes from poor drinking water. Children are unable to stay in school because the families must travel to sources of water. Communities have trouble being established because of a lack of clean water. Live stock and food crops can not grow well because of a lack of water. It is a very good ministry. It does not cost much to help bring good water to a community in Africa. Perhaps you can also give to this project? To help pay an African's water bill just click HERE.

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