Friday, September 05, 2008

Oh, I don't want to look!!!

I got up to watch John McCain's speech. I honestly thought it was awful!!! He just did not reach the bar! I read that there was a very big professional football game last night, so maybe no one actually watched the speech. It would be good if they just hear a few sound bites on the news. Sarah Palins speech was seen by 37 million people. John Mccain needs to do a much better job reaching the middle or moderate independent voters. He also needs to let Sarah attack the "other side", and he needs to tell people what he actually plans to do to fix all of Americas problems. I don't even want to look at the polls. I felt like he did a real bad job communicating his position. It was like watching someone who does not like to talk about them selves having to talk about them selves. He just was not comfortable and it showed. OK, hopefully he will be more effective during the 3 debates. I just can not watch!!!

Oh, today is the birthday of Thomas...more on that later.


Karen of Scottsdale said...

I've not been a McCain fan, but I thought he did a decent job. The last part of the speech was the best where he shared from his heart about his POW experience. He got my vote with Palin, but his words last night sealed it for me.

I just heard more people watched last night than Obama got.

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Thomas!