Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Makes me smile

Joe Lieberman just wrote a resolution declaring the recently completed troop surge in Iraq a "strategic success." Lieberman is a Democrat-turned-independent. The Democrats need him to keep their majority in the Senate. I'm sure this new resolution has not made them very happy! It is generally known that John McCain wanted Joe Lieberman to be his VP but that at least 6 states would have walked out of the Republican convention in protest. He would have lost the backing of his party. I like Sarah Palin. She does bring a fresh face to the party. I do not agree with Joe Liebermans pro choice stance, but I do think he would have been the very best choice McCain could have had. We need a bipartisan government to fix the big mess in America. Practically I think McCain could not have won (well still may not win) without Palin. If McCain can win (and the economy is so bad it's bad news for him) then I'm sure Lieberman will find a place in McCains cabinet. I can not see how Lieberman can have any future as a Democrat. He has burned that bridge..or should I say he has bet everything on McCain to win!

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