Wednesday, September 03, 2008

They are just a bunch of bullies!!!

I am wondering how Sarah Palin is doing today? Is she really “up to it”? It’s like she jumped into a tank of blood thirsty sharks. Obama’s camp does not need to say a word; the media is doing all the work for them! It has gotten really ugly! I also have to scratch my head over all the comments and press I read about weather she can manage her family and be VP. It’s not like she is a stay at home mom right now! She is the Governor of the State of Alaska! She has a 6 billion dollar budget and helps over see 300 programs! Being VP is a step into the slow lane. Apart from the criticism, it is really a much easier job. She will probably have more time for her family! I personally hate all this criticism. The average American will probably get pretty angry about the unfair attacks pretty soon. I hope people will start to say the press is going way too far! Do we really want a woman in a higher office? If so we had better stop trying to kill every woman that applies! No one is asking about the sex life of Joe Biden’s kids. The press is even asking Sarah Palin to prove that her new born son is really her child! Really, they have asked for tests! Has anyone ever questioned Obama if he felt he could be a good parent and president at the same time?
I pray for my sister Sarah. She can not let them see her cry! She had better not whine or complain. The media was so kind and sympathetic towards Michel Obama when she gave her big speech last week. They even said she should run for office. They will not be kind to Sarah Palin. She will have to speak tonight. I pray God gives her the grace and favor to handle this fire! I hope she wins the hearts of the only ones that really matter, the undecided voters. Last week John McCain was put down for being out of touch with the average person. He owns 4 houses. The Democrats boosted about how Joe Biden takes the train everyday. Did you know that train ride cost 90 dollars each way! What average American would spend 180 dollars a day to go back and forth to work? Sarah Palin is probably the only person on the ticket who has cut coupons or talked personally to her kid’s teachers. She coached basketball. I saw a photo op of Obama at one of his kid’s soccer games. He spent the whole time on his phone. Once she gets out of this shark tank and talks to real people in Middle America I am sure she will win hearts!

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Beverly said...

I am telling you it is nasty in the media and where are the feminists? the ones who told women to go to work and have it all!!