Friday, September 19, 2008

A beautiful fall day

It's a beautiful fall day. I planted a few hundred flower bulbs in my back yard. Germany is right next to Holland and we get bulbs for pennies at the food stores. Spring flowers are my very favorite. Every year I plant a few hundred new bulbs and I'm beginning to run out of room. Yesterday I bought the kids new sports shoes. I kept the shoe boxes for the shoe box Christmas project. Those shoe boxes do not need to be handed in until November. It's a pretty good time to begin thinking about putting a box together. It is the only Christmas some children will get. Please try to put a shoe box together this year!

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Kecia said...

Hi,my name is Kecia and i'm from Brazil.
I read your blog,and i was deeply moved by it... I have no idea hoe it touched me!
Hope that we can become friends even if is just in the cyberworld.