Thursday, September 04, 2008

He stays home

I have read allot of people are asking how Sarah Palin, mother of 5 does it? How can she be a good mom and the VP too? Well, it seems it is possible because of the great guy who she has been married to 20 years stays home with the kids. I think they care allot about their kids. They care that their kid’s needs are being taken care of. Mr. VP quit his job to stay home when their son was born in April. There are many children who do not have two parents at home let alone one that stays home. He seems like a really great man. She is very blessed to be married to such a secure person. My great guy helps me with the diapers, the laundry, and the cooking. He helps the kids with home work, and helps put the kids to bed at night. I actually stay at home but I would not feel guilty if Juergen stayed home while I worked. He is the one who works because his job pays much more then my former job (I was a pastor) ever did. I'm sure people put themselves in her shoes and think, how can she manage it? But she looks like she can manage it because of the exceptional guy who is holding her up! To be honest with you I could not do it with out my guy either!

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Christine said...

Well put!