Friday, September 12, 2008

I am catching up on my political news. I wanted to watch Sarah Palin's interview with ABC. It was all about National Security. Clearly she is no expert. She came across too defensive. I think she should say "I do not know" instead of trying to look certain about things she is no expert at. We want leaders that are ready on day one. I think if Palin takes a role as VP she will be OK. If McCain drops dead on day one then Palin will have a pretty steep learning curve. If Obama wins, I feel he also has much to learn! We had better have a great Secretary of State, either way. Dealing with world leaders is actually the job of the Secretary of State not the VP. In the last video he asked Palin a few questions about the things she does know something about, energy. I'm not sure, but I think people underestimate the politics of energy. Russia threatens many countries over energy (like we will cut off your gas if...). It really bothers me that Russia is in Venezuela getting ready to conduct military exercises. That is not a veiled treat. What in the world? I do not get it? Why would they do this? And I read this this morning, "Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Thursday he is recalling his own ambassador from Washington and expelling the U.S. ambassador from Venezuela." So now the US can not complain about Russia's activities in Venezuela because they are cutting off diplomatic ties. I thought Russia was making so much progress. They were building up some trust and respect in the world. Now they are the old scary bully! Can someone please explain to me why Putin still has power in Russia? He really scares me! I live in Germany. It's not far from Russia. Germany basically has no Army. They have asked most of the US Army to leave. If Russia wants to, what keeps them from just taking over? If they basically do not care about their standing in the world, what prevents them from being aggressive? I don't see it happening (yet). Still, I could not imagine Russia doing the stuff they are doing lately. How far do they plan on taking this?
BTW, I do not think Palin knew what the Bush Doctrine was. I think this was a chance to say I don't know. Then she could say, tell me what it is and I'll tell you what I think. I'm sure most of America does not know "The Bush Doctrine" by that name. I do think many more people are aware of the concept of preventive action. Sarah Palin is not an expert on National Security. Either is Obama. That is why Obama picked Joe Biden to be his running mate. Sarah's running mate also knows a bit about National Security.

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

Amy, ABC News left out much of what she actually said. Go to this link to learn more: