Monday, September 01, 2008

How is Richard?

Juergen's mom died in March this year. We are always thinking about Juergen's dad Richard. Our trip this weekend was mainly to see how Richard is doing. He seems to be doing pretty good. He still has to write many things down because his short term memory fails him (although I think his memory is better then before). He is well organized and keeps busy. Last week was his 50Th wedding Anniversary. He spent part of the day at the grave site. He was not bitter. He was grateful for the 49 wonderful years they spent together. He and I cried together by Waltraud's grave. We walked there with Jessica on Sunday. He loved her so much and recalls how beautiful and happy she made everything. She brought joy to their home. I was touched by his love for her.
One thing that was sort of funny was our trip to a McDonalds together. We walked to McDonalds after visiting the grave. I bought Jessica a chicken salad. Richard and I both just had drinks. You could see the wheels moving in his brain. On the walk home he told me (maybe 3 times) that he never eat at McDonalds. He did not know it was so close to his house. He thought maybe he could just go there now and then when he did not feel like cooking. Richard is 80 years old. This whole idea of eating out is a pretty new thing for him!

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