Tuesday, January 24, 2012

“You lost me”

I just started to read the book “You lost me”, why young Christians are leaving the church. By David Kinnaman. I have a personal stake in the next generation of Christians. We have 5 children (ages 9-20). I want my kids to adopt my faith. Faith is nothing that can be inherited, it must be adopted by choice. I hope I can live in such a way that they choose to follow Jesus. That’s a great challenge. I am the one that makes them clean their rooms and do their home work. But they know I love them. I just hope they understand God loves them even more. Anyway, it’s a good book. I recommend it. “Some (though not all) ministries have taken cues from the assembly line, doing everything possible to streamline the manufacture of shiny new Jesus followers, fresh from the factory floor. But disciples can not be mass- produced. Disciples are handmade, one relationship at a time.” http://www.amazon.de/You-Lost-Christians-Church-Rethinking/dp/0801013143

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