Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I got a package today from Thailand. It had seeds I ordered on eBay. Chinese Kale, Bak Choy, Chinese cabbage, long beans, Jumbo cucumbers, and sweet peas. All non hybrid seeds of course! I also got 3 kinds of tomato seeds in the mail (Roma, Red giant, and Long Willi a long yellow variety). I'm looking forward to the spring and summer! I'm not sure what to do for the next few days. I don't want to get allot done...I just want to rest. I need to clean the kitchen, do laundry and vacuum the floors. But after that, I have no great ambition. Maybe I'll take Jessica on some drives to pick up glass jars I find being given away? I want to collect 1000 jars to fill this year. Sounds a bit crazy, but it takes allot of food to feed a family of 7. My mom said she grew 100 tomato plants, and filled about a 1000 jars per year with vegetables and fruit. I loved her apple sauce and peaches.
Juergen will show the house in Leimen to a private family today. They seem to know Leimen. They will be looking at another house in Leimen first, before our house. Maybe that's a good thing. If the other house makes our house look good by comparison? I do think we have the best house by price on the market in the area. But you never know what people are looking for. I also plan to take Sarah to a movie today (God willing). Don't ask me about the political race in the USA. I'm so not happy with the choices. God save us! I think it will be Mitt Romney. I read that McCain is going to back him. The only way I could be happy about Romney is if Chris Christie is his VP. Then I wouldn't really be voting for Romney, but Christie. So sad! So sad! But anyone would be better then Obama. America needs jobs. I don't like Romney, but I do think he could help the US create jobs.

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