Saturday, January 14, 2012

no takers

Juergen listed our house in the Heidelberg paper. It cost 60€ for one small add. And we had hoped our phone would be ringing off the hook, but no. Not one phone call all day. And we are really trying not to be discouraged. I'm praying and waiting. I really feel like we were suppose to be here. I love my new house. But the money is really getting tight. I'm wondering how we can keep paying for 2 houses? We will need to rent soon, and that is not what we had hopped for. But as long as I keep going back to God and asking “ was this your will”....and I keep feeling his peace that it really was, I will just have to believe he knows what we need. He does not lead us into a desert just to have us die. He is our bread. Please pray with us for an answer. We are running out of money, and I feel a little foolish.

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