Friday, January 13, 2012

Jessica news

Enough politics. It seems my party has agreed to nominate Romney no matter what. That is what they all are saying. It makes me so sad. I hope they don’t do this, and if they do I think Obama will win. So America is in very sad shape with little hope. But I’m either going to forget about it, or just drive myself mad. I guess I’ll just forget about it. You are all probably glad about that. I hear your Amen’s! Good news. Jessica may be allowed to go a disabled workshop in Wiesloch. She did an internship there last year, and she enjoyed it. But we live in another district, and they didn’t have space for her Now they have space. We would need the funding approved and we will also need a new private teacher. Maybe her old teacher? Probably not because they are both already working with new students. But chances of getting a good teacher are better in the Heidelberg area.

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