Friday, January 20, 2012

1...2...3 mine, if Juergen says ok

I'm looking at kitchens on eBay. I think we need to put one in our Leimen house if we want to easily rent the place. People often have to put in their own kitchen, but it's easier when they don't need to. And of course it maybe easier to sell if it has a kitchen too. New kitchens are between 7-12 thousand Euro for our small space (even higher of course). But I found this lovely cherry wood kitchen on eBay about 50 km from us. It sells in 2 days. It includes all the appliances. It was originally worth 33,000 euro. It is a very high quality. These are solid cherry wood cabinets. I bet I can get it for 500 Euro. I just need the OK from Juergen. It would need a new countertop. But I think it would look lovely with the terracotta floor. I'm going to buy new wallpaper for the room tomorrow. A nice Tuscan yellow. And maybe if I win the bid on the kitchen, I'll replace the little handles with a nice white porcelain knob. What do you think? Juergen is painting the inside of the house tomorrow. I think we need to go with white ceilings and beige walls. Boring! If we don’t sell the place it will be ready for a renter to move in. I hope to have a renter by March 1st, or a buyer by February 1st. Enough of this, I need to deal with my own house and garden. I can not have this unresolved any longer!

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BB's Blog said...

vielleicht ist diese Küche von sehr guter Qualität, aber sie sieht auch sehr altmodisch aus. Ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass eine so alte Küche potentielle Mieter eher abschreckt. Häuser werde ja eher von jungen Leuten gemietet.