Saturday, January 07, 2012

a vacation fast over

Well, our 2 week vacation is almost over. I didn't do much. I guess that was my goal. I can not tell you how tired I was. Very tired, and stressed. So I resisted the urge to clean, paint, and unpack. Instead I slept, and read. I watched you tube videos about gardening. I was careful not to open my calendar. I did not want to brain storm on 2012. No, that could wait until I was rested. And I have a cold, but I feel much better. I think I'll get much more done now, because I can dream and think, and move with out feeling exhausted. Sure, I wish I had one more week off, but I thank God for giving us this rest. The kids start back to school on Monday. Thomas will begin at a new school. We will see how that goes. And I guess I’ll pull the calendar out and start to plan. I do think it will be good. I also watched allot of God TV. I seem to be very drawn to “End Times” studies. You may think that would make a person depressed. Actually, looking at the news makes me depressed. Looking at what God says about the future is good news. In the end God will poor out his Holy Spirit. I see a dry land, but I also see a rain coming. I am so thirsty for what God will bring. Juergen went to see the kids perform what they had learned in camp this week. The boys danced, and Nicole wrote songs. I only talked with Juergen a minute because he was on the road. I understand it was awesome to see. A night not to miss. I have to pick the kids up tomorrow. I look forward to hearing all about it.

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