Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jon Huntsman & Newt Gingrich - Lincoln-Douglas Debate - #LDdebate

Jon Huntsman & Newt Gingrich - Lincoln-Douglas Debate - #LDdebate I watched the whole thing. It was very good. It makes me see that both these men have some brains. I want to know more about Huntsman's record as a governor of Utah, and his domestic ideas. I like Gingrich, but I think he has too much baggage to get elected. But Huntsman seems like an honest conservative. He adopted a girl from China and another from India. That is very special to me! He has experience over seas, and experience as a governor. I'm pretty sure being President is too hard for a Senator or Congressman (women). It requires management skills. Governors have an advantage in management. The real problem I have with Romney is he seems to lack depth, and sincerity. Huntsman seems very timid, but he is also very believable. I do not trust Romney. He reminds me of a used car sales man. I don’t trust Romney. If he is the candidate for the GOP, I really don’t know what I’ll do. Maybe just not vote? And I would hate to do that! Oh, I would probably vote for him. It would be a lesser of 2 evils vote...not a vote for anyone I felt good about! The country needs better then that!

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