Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy Birthday Philip

At midnight we went outside to shoot off fireworks. And as everyone was outside, I set the table with birthday gifts & cake for Philip. He has a January 1st birthday. His birthday was given to him by Thailand. We don't really know anything about his birth (not even the date). But he is now 14 years old. He wanted cloths, so this is what I gave him. And he wanted a coconut cake. So he got that too. And he and Thomas did some break dancing for us. His best friend spent the night. We will probably do a bigger party in a few weeks. Probably a bowling party because that's easy. We didn't get to be until around 3am. I've been sleepy all day. We have house guests. It's been pretty low key. Happy New Year everyone.


Eric & Shelley said...

Happy Birthday Philip what a tall young man you have become. I remember you as a little boy.
Love, Eric and Shelley

Rick Moreno said...

PHILLIP, Hope the day was great for you. You are a true blessing not just to your mom and dad, but to the entire family. Love you, Uncle Rick and Aunt Amy.