Sunday, January 29, 2012

How can I use my tent as a green house?

As you know, we have this super party tent I bought on eBay for my 50th birthday party. It is 5 meters wide and 8 meters long. The frame is a very good metal. It would be very solid if I dug the posts into the soil, or set them in concrete. The sides of the tent already let in light, it's the top that is the problem. Maybe I could cut large pieces from the top of the tent, and replace those pieces with clear green house plastic? I want to heat the whole thing with a rocket stove. Maybe I could build one or two walls from straw bale to increase the biomass. What ideas do you have? I’m anxious to have a green house. It would be a great time to start my seeds.


Eric & Shelley said...

I would put florescent lights no heater and don't cut anything. Plants need to be protected from the elements, and light. If you have the lights close to the plants you won't need heat or cut outs.

Dianna said...

Don't cut the top. the plants that your going to start will have sun from the sides.I could see ihe straw at the ends and like Shelley said use florescent lights to get more lights if you need it you would destoy your tent if you cut it. If you really want to have a clear top have a differnt cover madefor the frame.Have fun and enjoy the garden.