Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I just watched a news story about a soldier wrapped in a big box that his son opened for Christmas. It reminded me of the time I brought my daughter Jessica to Oregon to visit my parents. I spent one week in San Diego first. I showed lots of photo's of Nicole and I on my blog, but none of Jessica. They had no idea Jessica was with me. And when I came, they could not have been more surprised. Have you ever pulled off a good surprise? Juergen took the kids to camp. They will be gone for a week. Philip and Thomas will do a dance workshop, and Nicole is in a song writing workshop. Juergen and I will try to just rest. We will take Sarah and Jessica a few places, but mostly the plan is to rest. Our house guests have also gone home. It’s all so peaceful now!

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Eric Stuewe said...

I love to give a good surprise. Great job Amy. I remember this. Happy New Year