Monday, January 09, 2012

A head cold and life gets back to busy

The kids went back to school today. Thomas began going to his new school ( it's a local school). I'm looking forward to hearing about his day. I hope it was good. Juergen and Nicole both stayed home, sick. They go to the Dr this after noon. Juergen saw the Dr last week, but his cough has gotten worse. He coughed all night. Poor man. Maybe he will get antibiotics this time. Nicole's throat is pretty sore. She can hardly speak. It is usually me with the sore throat. I do have a cold, but so far it is staying in my head. Poor Jessica is also sick. At least she is smart enough to stay in bed and sleep. It's raining outside. I see no good reason to get out. I'm just reading and drinking tea, and keeping warm. I don’t feel any great need to get things done! I need to take the Christmas stuff down. But that can wait a few more days. I got the Bible study workbook I want to use for my small group. I can already tell it was written for women. I think I'll be writing my own questions. I also got a book on building with shipping pallets. They have some examples of using pallet wood to build garden raised beds. I can get shipping pallets made from untreated oak for free, or nearly free. Juergen likes the idea of using shipping pallets instead of sandbags. Sandbags were my first idea. I just want to use a sustainable material for the garden beds. The world has loads of shipping pallets. Using them as building material in the garden is a good idea. He is the one who will be building the garden beds, so I will back him on using the pallets (as long as it looks good). I also want tall garden beds. The kind you can stand next to, and not bend down. The bottom of these beds can be filled with old newspaper and cardboard. Worms love paper. And on the top of the paper you put straw compost, then good garden soil. So I’m going to have to find a good source for paper and cardboard. But I have a few months to look.

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