Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm feeling better

I've been very sick over the past week. It's really been a full time effort to recover from this very strong virus. If you would talk to me today, I sound like I have a cold. I do have a cold, but it is much better. Today is the first day I have any energy at all in over a week. And I know I had better be careful not to over do it. I do have good things to report. Juergen found an Autism care center near by, a house where they have 5 autistic adults cared for by 5 caretakers. They actually have a spot for Jessica. She can try the group out next week. This group is very special. They are all trained to help Autistic people specifically. And they don't just manage them, they help them progress in personal life skills. This was our great hope. We did not want Jessica just baby sat. We wanted her to have the opportunity to continue to learn and grow as a person. We wanted her to be in an environment where she could communicate through facilitated communication. We wanted her to continue to learn life skills. We believe she is capable of more. And this is the type of small group we have found for her. It is a daycare situation. It is going to be located in Wiesloch (about 6km from us). Actually the group is moving to Wiesloch at the end of February. I would need to drive her to the group. But that's really OK with me. Apart from this, the funds have already been approved. The big question is going to be how Jessica likes it. But I see no better option out there. This sounds like a "made to order" situation for Jessica. It may require a period of adjustment. But I do believe it's the very best we could have hoped for. Once again I am amazed by God's provision. He is perfect in his provision! And I need to remember this because we have no buyer for our house in Leimen. I am feeling more comfortable at the thought of renting the house out. This weekend we will be there painting the house on the inside. I may even put new wallpaper in the kitchen. We will move forward with all the renovations necessary to make the place "move in ready". Perhaps this will help us sell it, but if not we can rent it. If you know anyone in the Heidelberg area who wants to rent a house, let us know. You can see our house Here. The house is available now. If you want to rent it, the rent would be about 1200€ per month. We have not decided to rent yet, but if we get a good renter(someone we know and trust) we would probably rent. And if we rent the house, we would stop trying to sell it. We would refinance it as a long term rental. So if you want to rent our house, you would not need to worry about it getting sold. We will be renting it out the next month if it does not sell soon. We do not have the money to keep paying for 2 houses. It was not our hope to be landlords. Some times you just need to do what you need to do. I am comfortable with that.

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