Thursday, January 05, 2012

pallets in the garden

I'm looking for a good idea for using pallets for raised garden beds. Pallets are free or almost free untreated wood. You don't want to use treated wood in a vegetable garden. Juergen likes the idea of using pallets because they are easy to work with and cheep. I'm wondering if we can make the frames of the high raised beds from pallets, and the inside of the beds can be lined with a plywood or a heavy plastic? If you can use them for compost, you should be able to build high raised beds with them! Maybe you'll need some extra wood for support, especially if you plan on making long beds. But I want high raised beds so I do not need to bend down when I'm gardening. we will need to spray paint the outside of the beds to look nice. I still care that it looks nice! Maybe we can even use the vertical garden idea and plant the out side of some of our raised beds. We could grow our strawberries and herbs on the out side of the beds. That would look cool!

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Eric & Shelley said...

very creative ideas. I like the vertical garden idea