Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I don't think Romney can be stopped

I listened to Romneys victory speech in NH. He sounded like he did some kind of poll on the words and phrases that effect people. He knew what Republicans want to hear. Those were the words , phrases and promises he used in his speech. For example "We will always stand with our friend Israel". It did not hold any real conviction...just good marketing. A University class should try picking the speech apart for content. It's purr propaganda. But it will be effective, sadly it will win him the nomination. I do not think he can be stopped. As they say, it's his to lose. And if a term like "your so Bain" will not bring him down, I don't think anything will. I personally don't like how he puts Europe down so much. What about we will always stand with our friends? He bashed Europe! He kept saying, we don't want to become like the failed Europe. I personally would rather live in Germany then America because the government does a much better job. The US government wastes so much. They are so irresponsible with money. I know he is talking about Greece and Italy, and the US does not want a debt that's 120% to GDP. America's debt is now 70% to GDP. That needs to be paid down. But Germany's Medical system, and University system, transportation system and retirement system are so much better then in America. And I don't see whole families living on the street in Germany. The divide between the rich and poor is not as pitiful as it is in America. I don't think America should tax it's people at 50% but it should learn to stop wasting the money it has. And American's need to work. I know that business will improve under a Republican President. But I don't happen to like Romney. He looks like a cartoon character of a Politian. Maybe he will would be surprising, but it could happen. Huntsman doesn't put Europe down just to make the nationalist happy. I have allot more respect for him!

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