Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We got some snow over night. It wasn't much, but it looks pretty. Juergen will show the house again tonight. But he is so anxious to sell it, I'm afraid he will give it away at a steep loss. I just have to pray God will protect us in this process. Someone at SAP already replied to Juergen's rental ad. Perhaps it will go in that direction? It's hard to know what is best? Our Father in Heaven Holy is your name, Your kingdom come, your will be done... I spent a good part of the morning studying the book of James. James seemed more concerned that we not sin when we go through trials, and less concerned that God remove us from our trials. It is the trails that help produce our good character. I believe God is very concerned with the process. He is not poor...and his hands are not short that they can not save. How we deal with these issues, united and not divided, respecting one another, with faith and trust. This is the issue, not weather a house sells or rents. At least this is what I believe. I’m not sure I will get the best report card for this trial. I've been far too anxious, far too stressed. I think of the old song "on Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand". If I was really standing on this rock, I should not be so easily shaken. But I'm trying to crawl back onto my rock. And some how, I'm trying to let this whole thing go. I have no control...and I need to trust Juergen not to give the house away just to get rid of it. He is not a stupid man, but he is really tired of all this. It makes him a little vulnerable. So I hope God will really protect us and give us wisdom.

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