Thursday, March 08, 2012

working in Leimen

Nicole and I did some work in Leimen today. We planted 3 window boxes for the front garden wall. They are beautiful with spring flowers. Then we put new carpet on the stairs. Finally we dug up some plants that are directly in front of the garden wall, The painter needs to put new plaster on the wall because of some water damage. He would have stepped all over these plants, so we took them. We left allot of good plants there. The garden still has many roses, grapes, kiwi, herbs, trees and spring and summer flowers. And Juergen decided to leave the covered porch. It was made perfectly for the house. So it will bless anyone who lives there...renter or buyer. I just hope God blesses who ever gets the house in Leimen. It’s a nice place, and getting nicer all the time. Juergen will pick the kitchen up tomorrow. It will be put in by our handyman, God willing next week. We got two more inquiries about buying the house, and one more request from a renter. I guess Juergen will try to show the house again on Saturday. It really will be nice when this house does not require so much of our time & money. Thank you for your prayers.

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